Automatic Brushless Electric Torque Screwdriver

  • Patented for its special mechanism , the perfect combination from electronic control , a more precise torque light weight, low temperature rise and longer service life.

  • Brushless environmental motor, maintenance-free, high efficiency, low temperature rise , a product made for cleanrooms , Suitable for : mobile phones , IPADs watches laptops communication equipment and other precision products.

  • The electronic brake mechanism adopts the Hall element, which has more sensitive braking action and longer service life.

  • Lightweight , low impact force , can effectively extend the service life of the screwdriver.

  • The whole electric screwdriver is made in Taiwan, ensuring the highest quality to serve global customers.

  • Note : If the products listed in the catalog do not meet your needs, we can develop new products for you with performance parameters that fit your needs.

  • ESD anti static case is available.



Medium High-Speed


Medium Low-Speed


Automatic Screw Feeder

Automatic Turntable Screw Feeder DG-808T

Automatic Turntable Screw Feeder DG-508T

Automatic Turntable Screw Feeder DG-608T

Automatic Transfer Screw Feeder